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Families of a child diagnosed with Dravet syndrome are some of the strongest. But even the strongest families need support. By signing up for Shine Forward With Dravet, you’ll get helpful resources. This includes support and inspiration from other parents and caregivers, plus the Dravet Syndrome Sibling Support Plan.

The Dravet Syndrome Sibling Support Plan is a great way for you to communicate with and educate the teachers and administrators who work with your child who does not have Dravet syndrome. This worksheet will help them understand what Dravet syndrome is, how a sibling of a child with Dravet syndrome may feel, and how they can help.


This worksheet was developed with input from the Dravet syndrome community to help get the conversation started. Having these conversations with teachers and school administrators can help them identify certain behaviors and when to have discussions with parents. As soon as you sign up, you can download this tool and start creating a plan together with your family.

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